SABIC is committed to protecting the health of employees, contractors, and members of the community.

Employee health

At SABIC, we believe in the value of prevention. That's why regular health checks and health programs are offered to our employees.

Another main task of the Industrial Healthcare Group is to look closely at each department every four years to identify favorable and unfavorable trends in working conditions, in areas such as workplace satisfaction, workload, and stress.

Periodic reviews are made among groups of employees working in higher-risk environments (where they are exposed to noise, dust, or certain chemical substances). This ensures that the risks remain within limits accepted by the authorities and society.

Neighbors’ health

Wherever it has a presence, SABIC makes every effort to be a good neighbor. SABIC is committed to continuing and sustaining our activities at the community level. This means that we actively seek the community's acceptance and support. We earn it by being responsible, by operating in a sustainable way, by communicating in an open manner, and by making products that are compatible with sustainable development.