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Pre registration

SABIC completed its REACH pre-registration successfully on October 10, 2008 for more than 100 substances.
In the meantime SABIC has submitted its product registrations to meet the requirements for the 2010 and 2013 deadlines.
These products are partly manufactured in Europe, but chemicals & polymers imported from Saudi Arabia are also covered.
In the current phase we focus on keeping our registration dossiers up-to-date, responding to ECHA requests, execute registrations of new chemicals and planning the registration program of existing chemicals for the 2018 deadline.


 Registration completed


REACH effects many stakeholders: our industry, our suppliers and our customers. SABIC believes in partnership, sharing knowledge and best practices. Therefore we cooperate actively in REACH consortia such as:

  1. Lower Olefins & Aromatics (LOA) Cracker products
    link to site
  2. Fuel Ether Reach Consortium (FERC) MTBE, ETBE
  3. Reach EthyleneOxide and EthyleneGlycols Consortium (REEC) MEG, DEG, TEG
    link to site
  4. Styrene
  5. Methanol consortium
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REACH is the acronym for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals. REACH took effect on 1 June 2007 and is applicable across the whole industry chain. This new legislation replaces current EU legislation relating to chemical substances. The chemicals industry will be responsible for effecting good risk analyses of its products. (This applies to all chemical substances, including those that are imported.) REACH will be completely operational in 2018.


The objectives of REACH are:

  • To create higher awareness for the safe use of chemicals;
  • To improve the protection of human health and the environment;
  • To enhance the innovative capacity of EU industry, while maintaining its competitiveness.


The REACH legislation requires industry to register all existing and future new substances, produced or imported in volumes above 1 ton/year, to the new European CHemicals Agency (ECHA). About 30,000 substances will be subject to registration obligations. High Production Volume substances and substances of greatest concern need to be registered before 2010. The remaining substances need to be registered before 2018.

  • Substances with completed registration : 100%


The evaluation of the data for a substance classified as dangerous above 100 tons/year and/or of high concern will be performed by competent authorities in the Member States. A possible outcome of the Evaluation phase is that additional information will be needed, or that the substance has to go through the Authorization phase, or even that the marketing or use of the substance will be restricted.


Authorization will be required for each use of substances of very high concern. Companies applying for an authorization will have to demonstrate that they can adequately control the risks posed by the chemical substance and/or that the social and economic benefits of the substance outweigh the associated risks.

Latest news

SABIC completed its REACH pre-registration successfully on October 10, 2008
Hereby we have extended our REACH license-to-produce and license-to-import to December 2010. As from now, SABIC officially will start the registration process for 90 chemical substances. These products are partly manufactured in Europe, but chemicals & polymers imported from Saudi Arabia are also covered.

SABIC Europe achieves successful pre-registration under REACH
Today, SABIC Europe has achieved the pre-registration of an initial number of substances of the total number of substances that SABIC Europe will pre-register, in order to comply with REACH.

SABIC Europe and TNO endorse partnership to achieve leadership in REACH
SABIC Europe and TNO have formed a partnership for REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals). This partnership has been anchored in a contract, lasting until the end of 2010, and it has been confirmed in a signing ceremony today, 6th November, in Zeist, The Netherlands.