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Our vision on REACH

Chemicals are the cornerstone of our society. While we realize that chemicals are essential to our contemporary way of living, at the same time we have to take care to produce and use them in a safe way. As a responsible manufacturer and importer of chemicals, SABIC cares for the safety and health of people and the environment, and compliance with REACH is merely a logical step. 

The past EU chemicals legislative framework, with which the European chemical industry had to comply, was a patchwork of many Directives and regulations. The new EU chemicals legislation, REACH, marks the beginning of a new era for chemical safety in the EU. REACH will encourage the industry to innovate and either to replace substances of very high concern by suitable alternative ones, or use them in a way in which risks are adequately controlled.

SABIC fully supports the REACH objectives, which entirely tally with our QESH policy. It is our policy to minimize the risks associated with our production activities and products, and to continuously improve their safety, health, and environmental performance. SABIC will cooperate with co-producers, suppliers, and customers to achieve our REACH goals.

REACH is a license to operate and a prerequisite for the European industry to market their products in the EU. The EU chemicals industry will benefit, as will SABIC, from a single EU regulatory system for existing and new chemicals. REACH will create a higher level of protection from risks of chemicals for EU citizens, resulting in human health benefits and lower medical expenses. As a result of REACH, SABIC will be challenged to increase our business positions while strengthening our corporate reputation for responsible care and protecting our Intellectual Property positions.

As a producer and importer of chemical substances in the EU, SABIC is aware that we are fully accountable for complying with REACH legislation. SABIC has appointed a Program Management team that is responsible for the timely registration of SABIC products with the European Chemicals Agency.

The first priority of the REACH Program Management team is the development of an overall strategy and plan, including an inventory of REACH-related consequences for SABIC. The Program Management team will work closely with the business units of SABIC in Europe to leverage their networks in developing REACH workgroups (consortia) to share available physical, chemical, and (eco) toxicological information.

SABIC’s policy will be to only do business with suppliers that comply with REACH. SABIC will also be examining the use of - and exposure to - our products during their entire lifecycles. Depending on the type of exposure and the risks, SABIC will communicate with downstream users on the effects of product use.

REACH will be a challenge for the chemical industry. It will lead to an increase of knowledge and expertise regarding chemical substances with all stakeholders involved. All chemical substances in Europe will be comprehensively documented, including risk analyses, regarding the intended application. SABIC will incorporate this additional information, as far as necessary, in the Safety Data Sheets of their products. The new Safety Data Sheets, in accordance with REACH requirements, serve the purpose of reducing the risks of the products for human health and the environment to an even greater extent than the existing Safety Data Sheets.