SABIC in Europe

SABIC, headquartered in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), is one of the world's top 10 petrochemical companies and is the largest non-oil company in the Middle East. SABIC is the world’s biggest producer of methanol, granular urea, mono-ethylene glycol, MTBE and engineering plastics, as well as number 3 global player in polyethylene and number 4 player in polyolefins and polypropylene.

Head officeIn Europe, SABIC is a major producer of plastics, chemicals and innovative plastics and employs approximately 6,300 people. SABIC's strategic business unit, Innovative Plastics, has its main European office in Bergen Op Zoom (The Netherlands). And sales of plastics, chemicals and other products manufactured elsewhere in the world are managed via our office in Sittard (The Netherlands) and via an extensive network of local sales offices throughout Europe.

SABIC has 13 world-scale production facilities in Europe which manufacture innovative plastics, polyethylene, polypropylene and chemical products.

In the field of Technology and Innovation, SABIC has a SABIC Technology Center in Geleen (The Netherlands) and a Global Application Technology Center and three Centers of Excellence based in Bergen Op Zoom (The Netherlands).

SABIC Pipelines B.V., based in Urmond (the Netherlands), operates pipelines for transporting naphtha (PAL), ethylene (ARG), and mono vinyl chloride on behalf of several chemical companies. These pipelines connect the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp with a number of key industrial areas in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

SABIC operates strategically located logistic hubs (warehouses) and storage tanks in key ports in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland, and Malta. These serve to optimize the supply chain and secure an uninterrupted flow of products produced in Saudi Arabia and marketed in Europe


Regional sites

SABIC Limburg (NL)


SABIC Bergen op Zoom (NL)

SABIC Cartagena (ES)