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eBusiness at SABIC is efficient, user friendly, and matched to the needs of all our business partners. A variety of online services are available, supported by our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Your needs and capabilities as a business partner of SABIC – whether as customer, haulier, or supplier – determine the level of collaboration possible via the Internet.

If you are interested in doing eBusiness with SABIC, please contact your local SABIC sales office.

Conventional buying

Conventional buying

Both the customer and SABIC's sales office are involved in processing each order manually. Confirmations arrive later.



MySABIC was developed in direct response to ideas and feedback from customers. It is available in 5 European languages for all SABIC customers in Europe and only requests an internet connection. MySABIC is an integrated system with an eShop at its basis. An online availability check allows orders to be entered in real time. Furthermore MySABIC provides a wealth of business information, like order details, technical information and invoicing status and details. MySABIC can be personalized for each customer, by creating different users with own authorizations for the functionalities.

2. S2Slight - One-way connectivity

S2S light - one way connectivity

For customers with a high order frequency, S2Slight is the first step towards comprehensive S2S integration. It provides effortless order entry combined with immediate order confirmation. It is relatively simple for both parties to implement, if all criteria are met.

3. S2S - Two-way connectivity

S2S Two way connectivity

Customers and hauliers who process a great many orders each month are eligible for S2S. It places substantial demands on the IT capabilities of the customer or haulier and requires an investment in terms of time and money.

Demos and checks

Optimizing business processes, optimizing success

Optimizing business processes, optimizing success

What can MySABIC do for you? Take a tour.

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